Bay Harbor Development Forms Partnership w/ Carefree Boat Club

by Metro Citizen

S2 Development along with its joint venture partner BHLK US Investments is pleased to announce it has finalized its relationship with Carefree Boat Club and its development in Bay Harbor—O Residences. Each of the buyers at the 41-unit waterfront development will be able to have access to a range of boats allowing them to engage in a unique recreational water activity without dealing with hassle of maintaining for a boat.

The fleet of boats will be held at Hi Lift Marina in Aventura or residents have the luxury of having the boats delivered to O Residences. From there, guests just need to be prepared to have a great time enjoying Miami’s number one amenity—the pristine waters South Florida has to offer.

Founded in Virginia in 2002, Carefree Boat Club has become the premier boat club operator and membership club in the United States and Canada. The private boat club’s goal is to provide members with the highest quality boating experience to provide an easy and safe introduction to into boating 101. Carefree Boat Club offers a variety of boats for an end user to use and to not deal with the hassle of the upkeep and maintenance of owning a boat.

“We are excited to allow the homeowners of O Residences to be able to use the water without having to own a boat. They can use a fishing boat one day and a cruising boat the next” stated CareFree Boat Club CMO Michael Dagen.

“Through this partnership, we will be able to cater to the unique needs of our residents as the only development offering this exclusive relationship with Carefree Boat,” said Claudio Stivelman, CEO of S2 Development.

“Just imagine having the luxury of having a fleet of boats at your fingertips without having to deal with the maintenance or the upkeep of owning it,” adds Marc Schmulian, President of S2 Development.

As one of the only pre-construction development in Bay Harbor offering all waterfront residences, the developers behind O Residences are blending natural elements such as water and nature throughout the entire property. Inspired by the French word for water “eau,” all 41 units will have breathtaking and pristine water views from every angle of this development. O Residences offers its buyers upscale amenities including: 1 zero- edge pool, a bay front water deck, hot tubs throughout the property, cabanas and water sports such as kayaking, paddle boarding and canoes.